The Shield of Atlantis

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Every man writes his own Destiny…

So thought Peter, a boy who was recovered adrift upon the unforgiving waters of the Atlantic, with no recollections of his past life. However little did he know that everything he believed in, would go for a spin after a rendezvous with Athena.

Now he and his friend, Daphne must embark on a quest to seek the lost city of Atlantis. With treacherous enemies lurking behind every corner, will they come across a tryst with Destiny or will the truth of the fabled city be lost forever…

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The Second Chance


It’s strange when in life we find ourselves distanced from our family. The harrowing life of a child who has lost his parents: mother to destiny and father to fate. Life becomes tough when he loses his last piece of armor- his hope.

Welcome to the life of a dropper- a ‘Non –IITian’; the stigma, the shattered hope and the constant weight of the world on your shoulders. Living in the same place, where hundreds of India’s top brains dwell, IIT, a boy realizes something which transmutes his life all over again.

This is his story. His Second Chance.

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Read an Extract from the book here.

Carrot Cake

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How do you guys feel about carrot cake?

Growing up, I was not a fan. I simply didn’t understand the point of mincing and baking carrots into a flour-butter-sugar combination that could just as easily be packed with, oh, I don’t know, shall we say chocolate or mocha? – both much more acceptable flavours to the below-13 palate? My mother made carrot cakes on and off but the lack of hit-you-in-the-face sweetness and rich frosting put me off completely.


When I first started baking, I was too enamoured by all the pretty possibilities that cakes presented – has anyone seen this, or this? Stunning – and didn’t really bother with earthy, carroty goodness. For some reason, carrot cake does not, in my mind, represent glamour. If anything, it represents mild weather and perhaps a game of Rummy over tea.

All of this changed when I came across this

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Compilation of Poems

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“Once in a while,
Right in the middle
of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a

Here is a collection of Poems written by me. You can find every genre varying from Drama to Romance and from Satire to Tragedy in the various poems.

Find a list of available Poems here.